Chapter two

Ava sat at her desk in her office; she was replying to emails, she wanted to make it look like she was doing some work, when in fact she had no work to do; she did it all this morning.
An IM window opened.

GossipGirl: How could you write a bad review on Bon Jovi's concert last night?!!?!
Ava rolled her eyes; everyone had said that to her today.
SlightlyPhysco: Are you still up for lunch?
GossipGirl: Of course, I'll be slightly late though...dragon man is making everyone stay on longer than planned because he didn't like the layout of the whole magazine...
SlightlyPhysco: Oh fun...I'll see you later then, bye.

Jon stood at the window of his apartment, looking down on the busy street below. He really didn't feel like going to the gala tonight and to make it worse, he had to sing! Jon blew some hair out of his eyes, but it just fell back into place.
The phone rang again. Jon truged over to answer it. He checked the caller ID Richie cell
"Hey Rich." Jon answered, trying to make his voice sound as if he just woke up.
"Let me in bitch!" Richie said with a laugh. Jon walked over to the window and looked down; Richie was looking up and waving. Jon waved, then let Richie up. He was in the apartment in less than two minutes. "What song tonight?" he asked throwing his jacket on top of the piano, Jon picked it up off the piano and threw it on the chair; he hated it when people put things on top of his piano. He stayed silent for a few moments, trying to choose a song to sing. What song to sing...what song to sing, I want to show people that I don't care about that reviewa smirk came to Jon's face "Unbreakable."
Jon knew that the press knew that Bon Jovi were preforming at the Gala. Jon knew that the New York Post would send someone to review their preformance; he wanted to show them what he could really do, and that he didn't care about one little review. Unbreakable would be his song to prove it. If I don't talk until tonight, drink ALOT of honey in warm water and take some pills for it, I should be able to sing he thought.

Ava rooted through her handbag looking for her keys to her apartment, when she finally found them she let herself in. Lunch had been cancelled due to the fact that the dragon man wouldn't let anyone out for lunch, but let everyone go home early. She hung her coat up, then went over to the kitchen. Ava opened a cupboard and took out some dry pasta, "This will do nicely," she said quitely to herself, she put the pasta on then went to her bedroom to find her clothes for tonight. She ate her pasta. There was a brisk tapping on the door.
Alice walked in, she had done her hair and make up already, she would be spending the next three hours on Ava, making her look stunning for the gala. "I'm loving the hair cut" Ava admired Alice, she had cut her hair which was once long and dyed blonde and fell in ringlets just below her sholders and now it was back to her natrual hair colour, black, it was spiky and fell below her ears.